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Two-Year Limited Labor Warranty

Openhouse Remodeling warrants labor and material(s) on projects we build, install or apply for two years from date of work completion. All materials must be approved by Openhouse Remodeling to be covered by this two-year warranty. Any material not approved by Openhouse Remodeling will be noted in the contract.

This two-year warranty does not cover negligence, mishaps and normal wear and tear; acts of God or damage caused by adjoining structure(s). If the adjoining structure was repaired, built, installed or applied by Openhouse Remodeling, it will be covered under the two-year warranty terms.


This two-year warranty does not cover mold, mildew, stains, other surface contaminants and/or discoloration/fading.


All repair work must be done by Openhouse Remodeling for warranty to be valid; except, a manufacturer or supplier of the involved product may have their employee(s) or representative(s) do the repair work. Repair work will not extend the length of this two-year warranty.

Warranty does not cover electrical or

mechanical devices

This contract does not include the cost of removing lead, asbestos, mold, mildew and other hazardous materials, unless specifically written into contract.


This contract does not include the cost of repair, or replacement of covered-over, or undetected surface deterioration, voids, unevenness; or unsuitable surfaces, structures or appliances unless specifically written into contract.


Customer will not hold contractor responsible for delays due to weather, shipment arrivals, medical emergencies, work added to project and unforeseen difficulties. Finish times are approximate unless specifically written into contract.


Any work done that is noted on the contract as a "TEMPORARY FIX" or "UNAPPROVED PRODUCT" will not be covered by Openhouse Remodeling warranty and will be noted on contract.


Manufacturers and/or suppliers that have applicable warranty on involved product(s) will be applied first in the event of a claim. Openhouse Remodeling's two-year warranty is in addition to any manufacturers' or supplier warranty; but will not extend beyond two years from project completion date.

Two-year warranty is transferable to a new owner

Openhouse Remodeling will comply with all local building permits, inspections and zoning.